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    There is an old saying in China, "All there clear moonlight night , two hours rogue is Yangzhou" . YangZhou GuangXin Heavy industry Co.,Ltd. ( YangZhou GuangXin Machinery Co.,Ltd. ) is located at YangZhou which is east to Beijing-Shanghai express way,west to Yangni Expressway,south to Nangjing-Nantong Expressway an Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and north to Ninqi Railway Line.With the advanced location and ruansportation facilities, we are ready and able to provide our products with good quality ,and excellent service for our valuable customers.

    As a professional company of pipe jacking machine, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the pipe jacking and tunnel boring machines in diamenters ranging between 400mm and 4000mm such as cutter disks,multi-cutter disks,mud-water balance and others, which are widely used in municipal works in Beijing, Tianjin,Shanghai,Jiangsu,Zhejing,Anhui as well as Guangzhou,Wuhan, Changsha,Kunming,Jinan,Zhenzhou,tec.

    Our patented product of earth-water balanced pipe pushing jack has won the international Geneva invention gold medal in 2002. Our products have won a good reputation by our excellent service and reliable service in Egypt,Singapore,Russia, Austria, Algeria,etc and out total jacking distance has been over 18,000 km in overseas market.

    Our company covers an area of 80,000 square meters with the construction area of workshops over 38,000square meters,we have obtained over 380 sets of metal processing equipmentsand cold-process plate welding machines.We have more than 420 employees (including 3 senior expets,6 senior engineers,36 of machinist,hydraulic and electrical engineers,may yearly produce each type of pipe jacking and runnel boring machines more than 300 and 50 sets.)

    In recent years,our company has been working with China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co.,Ltd,Qiangdao Haokun Heavy machinery technology Co.,Ltd and Shanghai research institute of China coal technology @ engineering guoup Corp,etc,we produced spiral welding pipe production line,high frequency welding pipe production line; 600T 1200T 2000T 2800T Water pressure test tube machines,4MN Tension straightening machine,900T/800T Double-acting extrusion machine,hydraulic support test desk and other non-standard equipments .

    We have a perfect management system,advanced processing technologies,full series of testing and examination facilities and well developed quality guarantee system, we acquired the quality system certification of ESO 9001 in November of 2001,High-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province, we acquired the quality system certification of Jiangsu province, Generally accepter brand-name products of Jiangsu province, high-tech products of Jiangsu province, etc.

    " Modern design, Superior manage,Quality first,Customer highest " will always be our commitment to you !